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HammerHead Roofing LLC: Your Local Roofing Specialists

HammerHead Roofing LLC is your team of home improvement contractors who are committed to leveraging our extensive roofing experience to guide homeowners in choosing the best roofing systems. Our approach is rooted in honesty, reliability, and transparency. We take personal responsibility for educating our clients about the high-quality products we trust and use in our homes, explaining the benefits these choices can bring to their properties. When working on Connecticut homes, our dedication to quality and integrity is evident—we stand firmly behind our work and the superior service we bring to our community.

If you’re considering a roofing project or are unsure about the condition of your roof, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a comprehensive roof inspection. Our expert team is here to help ensure your roof is in top condition, providing peace of mind and security for years to come.

Eastern Connecticut Local Roofing Contractors
Eastern Connecticut Local Roofing Contractors

Why Customers Choose HammerHead Roofing LLC for Their Roofing Needs

A Local Eastern Connecticut Roofing Contractor

As a locally based contractor in Eastern Connecticut, HammerHead Roofing LLC understands the specific roofing challenges homeowners in the region face. We bring local expertise and a personalized touch to every project, ensuring solutions tailored to our community's unique needs.

Affordable Financing Options

Understanding that roofing projects can be a significant investment, we offer affordable financing options through partners like GreenSky and Hearth. These flexible financing plans help make roof repairs and replacements more manageable for homeowners, allowing them to proceed without financial strain.

Long-Lasting Warranties

We stand behind the quality of our work by offering amazing warranties, from 50 years to a lifetime! This long-term commitment to our installations gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected well into the future.

Storm Damage Experts

HammerHead Roofing LLC specializes in addressing and repairing storm damage. Our expertise allows us to quickly and effectively restore roofs damaged by severe weather, minimizing discomfort and disruption for our customers.



When you choose Hammerhead Roofing for your Connecticut roof replacement, you can expect a streamlined replacement process with as little disruption to your home as possible.

Roofing Inspection

We thoroughly examine your existing roof and underlying structure. This method lets us determine the necessary steps for optimal materials and provide accurate project scoping and pricing.

Estimate and Agreement

After outlining the full recommended work scope based on our inspection, we provide a detailed quote for your review, including available financing options. Once you’re ready to proceed, we will finalize a written contract outlining the project schedule, products, warranty coverage, etc.

Permits and Materials

We obtain all necessary permits for the roof tear-off and replacement job. We also order and deliver verified high-quality shingles, underlayments, flashings, and other components from our trusted suppliers.

Tear Down Old Roof

On installation day, our crew used protective ground coverings while they completely tore off and disposed of old shingles, felt, and nails down to the roof deck.

Replace Decking

Next, we inspect the roof decking and other structural components and replace any sections with moisture or structural damage to provide sound infrastructure.

Install New Roofing System

Using pneumatic nail guns for proper adhesion, we systematically install ice and water shields, synthetic underlayment, flashings, ventilation, and the new shingle layers.

Final Roof Inspections

After installation, we thoroughly inspect the final project, including seams and transitions, and ensure leak-proof integrity. We provide the required documentation of passed inspections for your records and warranty support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roof replacement costs up to $15,000+ for an average single-family house. Many factors like roof pitch, accessibility, materials selected, and cost of labor/permits affect overall job price.
The total time frame is generally 1-3 days, depending on house size, roof complexity, and weather conditions. The Hammerhead Roofing team efficiently coordinates the full roof tear-off, replacement of any damaged sheathing, and installation of underlayments and new surface material.
Asphalt shingles are a popular choice, given the variety of architectural styles. We also frequently install standing seam metal roofs.
Typical asphalt shingle roofs last around 20 years. Signs you likely need a full replacement include a roof over 15 years old; the presence of leaks/stains despite repairs; dark streaks indicating warped shingles; excessive loss of granules exposing felt; cracks or missing tabs on many shingles.
If your roof is damaged unexpectedly in a storm, falling tree, etc., your policy may cover full/partial replacement costs minus the deductible. However, the insurance company generally won’t pay to replace an old roof near or past the end of its shelf life. It is best to budget ahead when you know the roof is nearing replacement age.

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